Welcome to Lily’s Apartments

A beautiful Sunrise in Paxos island.In General

If your holidays and the escape from your everyday life coincides with an accommodation on the beautiful island of Paxos, the suggestion of Lily’s Apartments seems ideal. These apartments, three in total, located in the center of the picturesque Gaios, the capital of the island. Also located in very close proximity to the sea (30 meters), with a superb view towards it. In a beautiful city that attracts thousands of visitors each year, known for its beauty and quality of life offered to locals and tourists, our apartments are waiting to welcome you and offer you a unique experience.


Lily’s Apartments – The identity

The history of the district is well known to all traditional tourists on the island, as the previous owner, the famous in the island lady Lily which was famous for her hospitality and the big fiests she throwed, constituting an attraction for various people. The “Lily’s Apartments” is one of the most famous houses on the island, with a tradition well known to all. A trial period will be enough to convince you why. Something everybody already know in Paxos.



Alleys in Paxos.The Island

Visit the Lily’s Apartments for a comfortable accommodation that will not leave you disappointed. The relaxation that the island will offer you, combined with the excursion possibilities in one of the many corners of the island, you will be able to reload your batteries and cherish you with memories that will mark you for a lifetime. Visit Antipaxos, located just across the beautiful view Erimitis, explore the lush beaches, experience the nightlife in our beach bars or do some water sports at the beach. As if the perfect dream vacation, stay on Paxos will be unforgettable.

Accommodation in Paxos, a lifetime experience.